Services is an online platform providing technical and historical data analysis services to traders and investors. The website offers a wide range of services designed to help users make informed decisions.
Using momentum indicators, moving averages, and volume, the website auto-generates alerts that identify trading opportunities and keep users informed on technical trends of stocks. Taking advantage of these timely alerts, users can make smarter investment decisions.

Intraday Filters

This page features a heat map that displaying stocks and indices organized by sector and indices. Users can filter unusual trading volume, compare opening prices to high and low prices, and information on stocks with the highest gains or losses. The page also includes information on stocks that experienced Gap up and gap down.

Technical summery

This page summarizes technical information for selected stocks with daily, weekly, and monthly charts and trend indicator charts that use a color code to identify ongoing trends on intraday and daily charts

Choose stocks

- Investors can easily access the technical information of NSE stocks and indices.
- You can identify the daily, weekly, and monthly trends of a specific stock.
- On this page the user can view intraday chart ,daily chart and trend chart.

Trend chart

The trend indicator chart displays information about the current and previous trends of a stock along with the dates and prices at which trend signals were generated.
Investors can track trends using indicators , moving averages and crossovers displayed on daily, weekly, and monthly timeframes.

Volume analysis- Users can check the volume of a stock or index during different time frames and compare it with the previous volume during that same time frame.

Price performance-The price-performance page includes updated information on CAGR, absolute return, and price performance from the last 20 years.

Pivot points - Users can view pivot points of the selected stock or index.

Scan by Company

This page displays bullish and bearish technical signals, moving averages and moving averages crossovers for various stocks on the current date. Users can view this information on daily, weekly, and monthly charts, and select stocks either by intex or by sector.

Scan by indicator

The scanner for stocks and indices uses technical indicators, moving averages and crossovers to find out which ones are giving bullish or bearish signals. This helps users quickly see which stocks or indices are showing bullish or bearish signals on daily, weekly, and monthly charts.

Trend signals

The Trend signal tool assists users in identifying the technical trend of all stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) using indicators, moving averages and price patterns. Users have the option to select individual stocks or groups of stocks based on their sector or index.

Blue color- Indicates a positive trend change from downward to upward for a stock or index.

Light green- Indicates a bullish trend, which means that there are several indicators and moving averages that suggest a positive trend.

Dark green- Indicates a very strong bullish trend, which means that almost all indicators and parameters are signaling a positive trend.

Yellow color- Indicates that bullish momentum is losing strength and there is a possibility that the trend may change to a downward trend.

Light red- Indicates a bearish signal, which means that there are multiple indicators and moving averages suggesting a downward trend.

Dark red color- Indicates a strong bearish trend, which means that almost all technical indicators are signaling selling pressure.

Today's Alert

This page lists stocks with new bullish or bearish signals based on a comprehensive analysis of technical indicators, moving averages, and price patterns with current market prices.
The analysis was conducted on daily, weekly, and monthly charts.

Candlestick Patterns

Every day after the market closes, we automatically filter the basic candlestick patterns that formed for each stock and index.
In addition, we filter the combined patterns, including two-line and three-line candlestick patterns. This helps to identify potential price movements and trend reversals, which can be useful in making informed investment decisions.

Bullish/Bearish Signals

The Trend Signal tool helps users identify the technical trend of all stocks listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) by using indicators such as moving averages and price patterns.
Users can select individual stocks or groups of stocks based on their sector or index. On this page, we provide updated information on the current trend of each stock, including the signal price, last traded price, change from the signal price in value and percentage, as well as the high and low achieved after the signal price.

Watch List

The user can add stocks to the watch list that they are interested in monitoring in the future.
Stocks can be added to the watch list from the technical summary page, where the user can view the technical trend, CAGR, and absolute returns of all listed stocks.
Additionally, there is an option to set a stop loss on the listed stocks. If a user is interested in setting a stop loss on a particular stock, they can click on the "set stop loss" option. First, they should select whether to buy or sell and then choose the period, i.e., daily, weekly, or monthly. After that, they should add the entry data and price.

There are three types of stop loss available:
1.Based on ATR, where the default setting is 100% ATR value, which can be changed to 110 or 125 as per the user's risk.
2.Stop loss based on a percentage of the stock value, i.e., 3% or 4% of the stock value.
3.Stop loss can also be set on an amount basis, i.e., INR 10 or INR 5.The stop loss is a trailing stop loss, and it is based on the closing price.

Momentum Stocks

This page displays a list of technically strong bullish and bearish momentum stocks, which is filtered algorithmically based on daily, weekly, and monthly time frames. Short-term momentum stocks are selected from the daily chart, while medium-term momentum stocks are selected from the weekly chart.
The page includes the signal date and price, as well as other important data such as the last traded price, the change from the signal price, and the high and low prices made after the signal was generated.
This page is frequently updated to ensure that the latest information is always available to the user