Our motto is to enrich the users through learning, research, and investment. The website content and reports are purely based on technical analysis and data analysis.The users can easily understand the information and signals because it is designed with charts and colour codes. Even a newcomer in the market can realize the positive trended stock and weak stocks. In this way, stock selection and exit become much easier for an investor.

Candlestick Patterns

Updating of candlestick patterns based on the daily chart. The user can easily find out the bullish, bearish, and indecisive patterns from the list and traders can plan a trading strategy accordingly.

Pivot points

Users can view on this page, the pivot points, support and resistance of all NSE stocks and Indices.

Volume analysis

Every minute the trading volume of all stocks and indices is updated on the page. The user can understand that on a particular stock, how many shares are traded till now and if the volume is higher or lower than on the previous days on a particular period - meansfirst five or in ten minutes.

Predefined scanning

We daily scan all the listed shares of NSE and filter those that had a positive or negative signal in one or more of their technical indicators or moving averages (scanning based on daily closing prices)The user can easily understand, the stocks that indicatebullish or bearish trend.

Intraday filters

In this page the user can filter the Heat Map, Market Dynamic, Market Breadth,Gap up /down,Open vs. high/low etc.

Volatility chart

Daily and annualized volatility charts of all NSE stocks are available.

PE/PB/Div yield

On the end-of-day basis, price-earnings, price-to-book value, and dividend yield chart are updated.

Price performance

The user can view on this page the price performance of that selected company in the previous periods. And peer group comparison is also possible.