About Us

Myequitylab.com is an online portal for all types of traders and investors interested in Indian stock market. The website is purely about technical analysis and historical data analysis.

Myequitylab.com daily updates the technical trend of all NSE listed stocks based on the end-of-day charts. All these analyses and reports are algorithm-based. For this, we use various studies like candlesticks patterns, moving averages, technical indicators, Fibonacci, sentiment and volume indicators, momentum oscillators, and trend reversal patterns.
Along with this, we provide pre-defined scanning reports based on technical indicators and moving averages. The candlestick pattern filtering help traders to identify the short-term trading opportunities. The website continuously updates changes in the technical trends of the stocks with alerts.

Myequitylab.com does not offer any financial advice through the site. The information including articles on the blog, newsletter, calculators, and other features and tools provided on the website are solely for individual education and understanding the financial and investment issues involved, and to help you make sensible financial decisions. All readers should personally check out the data and companies before making any investment or trading decisions and should carry out with due diligence. So, before making any investment decision, make your own analysis.